Our primary goal at Ivy Prep Academies is to provide our scholars a rigorous, quality education that prepares them to be successful lifelong learners. In order to deliver on our promise to our scholars, we must provide them with highly effective teachers and leaders, supported by targeted, research-based instructional models.

For a number of years, the Gwinnett campus location has prevented us from reaching students who need us most. We have been locked into a lease agreement for several years. The lease agreement ends this May (2018). As a result, we are planning to move our campus to a new location.

In an unprecedented decision, and for the first time in the Georgia Charter School commission’s history, the commission renewed our charter and approved our request for a 2018-2019 transition year for the Gwinnett campus. Again, this is unprecedented, and it speaks to the quality of our educational model and the impact that we have on students.

We know that while we are in our one-year transition, scholars and parents will be impacted. This was not an easy decision, but it is a necessary decision to ensure the long-term stability of the school.

What is a transition/gap year?


It is most important to note that the Gwinnett school is not closing. We use the words transition and gap year interchangeably which simply means we will not offer classes during the 2018-19 school year and will resume the 2019-20 school year serving grades 6-8.


What role can parents and scholars play during the transition year?


It is our hope that eligible families will return to us during the 2019-20 school year. During the transition year, we will hold planning meetings for scholars, parents and other stakeholders who wish to participate. We also plan to hold at least two Saturday sessions focused on personal/professional development for past, current, and future Ivy scholars. Our goal is to ensure we maintain the Ivy connection, especially among the scholars.


What will happen during the transition year? (Objectives)


With limited staff, the transition year will be spent doing the following: securing a new location; making any building improvements to prepare for opening; building effective academic, operations and financial systems; building and training a governing board, preparing a school leader; recruiting and preparing teachers; recruiting families, and building relationships within the Gwinnett community.


Who will lead the transition year process?


In the absence of a full-time staff at the Gwinnett campus, the responsibilities to secure a location and prepare the school for opening will fall under the Office of the Superintendent. A school leader will be hired and managed by the Superintendent at least 60 days prior to the start of school. Once a board has been seated, the governing board will then set priorities and provide oversight. All parties along with stakeholders will work together to ensure all goals are being met and the charter followed. Ultimate oversight sits with the State Charter Schools Commission.

Is there an overall transition year plan?


We are in the process of designing a plan for the transition year that will consist of goals in the areas of facilities, academics, finance, and operations. A timeline will be associated with these goals. We aim to have this plan completed by July 15th 2018. Our first priority is to focus on the instruction and well-being of our current scholars. Once we have successfully supported families during the transition process and closed out the school year, we will then turn our efforts towards the transition/gap year plan and execution.


How can stakeholders provide feedback or receive responses to questions?


We have set up an email in which stakeholders can share their ideas and resources, or ask questions about the transition year. Please send all inquiries and ideas to


How can I receive regular updates on how the gap/transition year is going?

We will create a bi-monthly newsletter to provide updates to stakeholders. Anyone already on our current email list will receive these newsletters. Other stakeholders who wish to receive the newsletter can sign up by emailing

We hope this FAQ helps to answer questions you may have. Ivy Prep Gwinnett has a longstanding history of scholar, parent and community support. We are confident that the transition year will allow us to continue the legacy of a high quality, well rounded education for girls. We look forward to partnering with you.