Ivy Preparatory Academy at Kirkwood for Girls


1807 Memorial Drive
Atlanta, Georgia  30317

Phone: (404) 622-2727


Serving scholars in grades K-8 For families eligible for DeKalb County Schools and Atlanta Public Schools.


*Ivy Preparatory Academy at Kirkwood is a Title I school.

Ivy Prep Academy has an established culture of achievement whereby academic success is vital, and the development of a girl’s individual potential is central. All Ivy Prep scholars receive a personalized education plan that guides their journey to success. They are taught by highly effective teachers who understand how girls learn best, and how to inspire each scholar to reach their potential. We go beyond math, science, and language arts. Our rigorous curriculum and after school activities expose scholars to a host of academic and social avenues, including coding, public speaking, foreign language, college-career readiness tours, physical education, music, dance, step, cheerleading and more.